About Us

ST8 is a boutique digital marketing agency located in sunny Santa Monica, California. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse client list including internationally recognized brands, locally owned small businesses and everything in between.
The ingredients to our special sauce include, but are not limited to, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, conversion rate optimization, social media, online PR and website design.


Years of Experience

Born in 2007, we grew up in the heart of the digital age. Extensive experience has led us to a full understanding of how brands can successfully evolve in today’s connected world.

Premier, Boutique Service

The service we provide our clients is both friendly and flexible. By developing a collaborative partnership we can work together to efficiently achieve your goals.

Sustainable Solutions

Because the digital landscape is always changing, we design strategies for our clients that are both relevant and adaptable to new market trends.

Data Driven Performance & Strategy

We believe that the secret to successful communication is grounded in a smart strategy. By leveraging data and insight we are able to confidently move forward with each phase of every project.

Award Winning Design

We are passionate about understanding, creating, and managing all the elements that communicate a brand’s positioning. Our creative team consistently delivers imaginative and effective design solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Our Team

ST8 is a team of award winning strategists, designers and developers
who are committed to delivering the highest quality work in the most
efficient way possible.

Gustavo Morais

Founder / CCO

Gustavo is the founder and Chief Creative Officer at ST8 Creative Solutions. With over 15 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, graphic arts and branding, he has worked closely with top clients including Walt Disney, Fox and Triumph Motorcycles. Armed with a background in architecture and experience as an art director for several worldwide magazine publications, Gustavo has been fearlessly and successfully leading ST8 since 2007.

Email Gustavo at: Gustavo@st8.com

Robert Fox

VP of Business Development

Rob Fox is actively involved in business development and client discovery on the ST8 team. He enjoys actively networking and connecting professionals and businesses globally. With his undergraduate degree in Business Marketing, Rob also leverages unique perspectives on engaging digital platforms and integrated online marketing with his experience helping businesses construct mobile strategies and channels. Rob’s MBA degree and extensive background in the financial services industry allow him to understand business needs and problems, then translating them to digital solutions for optimized business results.

Email Robert at: Rob@st8.com